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By no_promises1026

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The stationing in Au Lac House is not so clear at all. They divide in to 2 connecting rooms and 1 VIP room on the second floor, 2 more terraces on the balcony of each floor and 1 room on the first floor. Normally, the captain arranges 1 or 2 waiters who in charge of serving about 20 to 24 guests in the first floor. 2 or 4 waiters working together in the 2 connecting room and terrace, 1 to 2 others are responsible for VIP room with 12 to 14 seats. Even though Au Lac House is a fine dining restaurant with the luxurious furniture, elegance atmosphere but the captains do not fix staff for each table. They move and coordinate professionally together by sharing skills and language, working experiences, friendly behaviors to provide the best service and comfort to their guests. However, we also suggest adding more kinds of service serving in the VIP room such as: Friend service and Russian service. Choosing 1 or 2 skilled waiters first and training them how to finish food in frond of guests, how to use fork and spoon for dividing portion for each guest . In our own opinion, it is one of the good ways to show the high level and attract more high quality guest.

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Tóm tắt nội dung:

I. Operation and Theme:
1. Current operation, theme:
Au Lac House is a restaurant that belongs to Au Lac brand in Hanoi. Beside Au Lac House, there is also Au Lac Café on Ly Thai To Street. Being different from Au Lac Café, Au Lac House focus on serving foods as a restaurant. The main cuisines here are Vietnamese, especially northern foods. This restaurant is one of the fine dining restaurants in Hanoi. The target market is Western customers, the rest includes Japanese, Singaporean and Vietnamese … Au Lac House’s theme is inspired by the French architecture in the combination with Vietnamese way of decoration. It makes the restaurant an antique and unique style comparing to other restaurants in Hanoi.
2. Location and guests:
Located in the central of Hanoi, Au Lac House has many advantages to attract guests and promote the restaurant itself. This restaurant is on 13th Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoan Kiem District. It is not too far from Hoan Kiem Lake and it is quite near some luxury hotels like Sofitel Metropole, Hilton Opera, Melia … It takes only five to ten minutes from those hotels to come to Au Lac House, it must be a point of vantage if the tour companies or tourists consider several restaurants. Besides, there are some companies and office buildings nearby the restaurant. Therefore, if these companies need a place to negotiate and discuss with their customers or partnership, Au Lac House may be a reasonable choice. Although Au Lac House is located in the central of the capital, it doesn’t mean that the street in front is noisy and polluted by the motorbikes and cars. The place where Au Lac stands is really quite and the restaurant can guarantee that any guest at any moment will not be annoyed by the city life.
3. Decoration, color skim, lighting, music, atmosphere:
During the French domination in Hanoi, they had built a lot of villas in the city, a lot of them were on Tran Hung Dao Street. That’s the reason why they call this area “Hanoi’s French Quarter”. Au Lac House is not an exception, this restaurant was a villa before being a restaurant nowadays. The villa was built in the 1930s by French people who had a very good taste in architecture. Au Lac House owner didn’t change anything from inside to outside in order to keep the classical style for the restaurant. From outside, it is an 2 storey villa which was painted white and the second storey has a wide balcony. As the French built up this house, they arranged the interior completely following up the French style. So they could feel that they were in their house in France. In every room, there is an old fashioned heater which aims to warm up the atmosphere and the people all over the room. That makes the guests feel cozy while they are having their meal with others. Inside the first storey, they made 2 places to store wines, one is a small room and one is the stairway side.
Although the restaurant is an French inspired house, it still shows the Vietnamese soul inside. The owner decorated his restaurant with many Vietnamese artworks. In each room, there are always 3 or 4 pictures which exhibit the Vietnamese people and their daily life from a long time ago. The wall inside the house was also painted white but under the soft light from well positioned lighting equipments, it seems to be light yellow. The purpose is to create a cozy atmosphere around each room and in fact, the atmosphere of each room and the restaurant overall is really warm and elegant. Besides artworks and light, Au Lac House also uses music to entertain the customers. They doesn’t have live music, so they use CD instead and put speakers in every room. The music is often instrumental music, sometimes they play music with words but it is simply ballad and really gentle.
The decoration, color, lighting, music in Au Lac House at any moment always make the guests a warm feeling and truly relax.
4. Utensils, equipments, wares:
The utensils, equipments, wares that are being used in Au Lac House are not so special. The most noticeable thing is that the bows, dishes and some other things were printed with the restaurant logo on them. That will impress the customers a lot. There are nothing made of silver or gold glided. Everything is standard but no more. For a fine dining restaurant, those things are not quite fit. The owner should invest more money in order to improve the quality of service.
5. Employee: Uniform or costume:
The employees in Au Lac House use different costume depending on the different positions. The waiters, waitresses, cashiers wear white shirt and black trousers. The supervisor of each division wear white shirt and black trousers as well but the shirt must be stuck in the trousers. The uniform in Au Lac House is suitable for the operation and very polite.
6. Foods and drinks:
As mentioned above, the foods in this restaurant are Vietnamese. There are nothing but Vietnamese cuisine. It is a good thing that Au Lac House focus on one kind of cuisine. But on the other side, this is not flexible and not so fit with the theme. The drinks list and wines list are excellent. There are many choices for customers. The prices for foods, drinks and wines are reasonable for a fine dining restaurants
However, to improve the quality and quantity of foods, Au Lac House should add some more kinds of Western cuisines, especially French cuisine. That will definitely make the foods menu more fit with the theme that is a combination of French style and Vietnamese style.
II. Layout and Design:
Au Lac restaurant has a romantic French architecture space. Thanks to this architecture, Au Lac restaurant can attract many guests. Specially, foreigners make up 80 %. They come from many countries in the world such as: French, US, Australian, Japanese…Besides, there are also a small number of Asian guests such as: Chinese, Singaporeans.
This restaurant is divided in 2 areas by a small yard. First area is the most important in the restaurant where you can enjoy a nice view and it includes 2 floors. And the second area is located behind the first area and includes kitchen and a large room.
The first area.
Guests can go on the first floor by two doors. And standing here, they can see a bar, cashier area and a waiting area. The bar, cashier and waiting area are separated by a beautiful flower vase. This floor is decorated very well with the white wall, yellow blinds, and light system… And specially, there are also nice pictures, small vase and a fire place. The rest room is arranged behind a big wall.
Go up stair, this is the place that concentrated many tables to serve. This second floor includes three rooms with different size: a big room and two medium rooms. The big room is divided in two parts by bamboo-plaited blinds. There are two tables for 6 people, one table for 3 people and three tables for 2 people. Big tables are laid in the centre of this room and other tables are arranged near the 4 corners. With this arrangement, the staff fell easier to go and serve guests.
Next to the big room, there is a VIP room with only table for 8 people. This room is decorated by pictures, flowers and 4 lights at the 4 corners. The atmosphere is quite and elegant. It is really suitable for the business man to meet their partner.
Besides these rooms, there is also a medium room with two tables for 5 people. This room has the same style with other rooms.
The second area.
This area is smaller than the first one and includes a kitchen and a room. The kitchen is not laid in restaurant. It is located behind the first area. This is not convenient for staff to serve guests. Specially, when the restaurant is crowded, it takes more time for staff to run from this area to another one.
Next to kitchen, we come to the medium room which includes one table for 8 people and 2 tables for 4 people.
Beside two main areas, there is also a large corridor with some tables for 3 or 4 people. When guests choose these tables, they can fell more comfortable. They can enjoy the fresh air by plans and flowers which are laid near tables.
So there is a variety of seating arrangements in Au Lac restaurant. There are around 22 tables. The number of tables for 3 and 4 people make up 54,5%, table for 2 people is 18,2% and the number of tables for 5, 6, and 8 people make up 9,09%. With this arrangement, it is suitable for target market of our restaurant. Because the customer often come in groups of three and group of four. They are business man and they choose our restaurant to invite their partner. Besides, in some special day such as: Valentine and woman’s day, many customers come in pairs. So 18,2 % of tables for 2 people is suitable.
The area of this restaurant is 700 m2 with 22 tables. There is a lot of free space for transfer. So both staff and guests fell more agreeable. The staff can serve more fas...
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