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By Ferrel

Download Báo cáo Thực trạng ngành bảo hiểm Việt Nam năm 2010 và dự báo đến năm 2014 miễn phí

Executive Summary .5
Table: Overview Of Vietnam’s Insurance Sector. 5
Key Insights On Vietnam’s Insurance Sector. 5
SWOT Analysis.7
Vietnam Insurance Industry SWOT. 7
Vietnam Political SWOT . 7
Vietnam Economic SWOT . 8
Vietnam Business Environment SWOT. 8
Global Outlook.9
Asia Pacific Overview .11
Projections And Forecasts.15
Table: Insurance Premiums, 2006-2014. 15
Projections And Drivers Of Growth. 15
Table: Growth Drivers, 2006-2014 . 16
Country Update .17
Macroeconomic Forecast. 17
Table: Vietnam – Economic Activity, 2007-2014. 19
Political Outlook. 19
Insurance Business Environment Rating.22
Table: Vietnam’s Insurance Business Environment Indicators . 22
Table: Asia Pacific Insurance Business Environment Ratings . 23
Regional Context .24
Table: Non-Life Premiums In A Regional Context, 2008. 24
Table: Life Premiums In A Regional Context, 2008. 25
Major Players In Vietnam’s Insurance Sector .26
Table: Non-Life Segment By Lines, H109 (VNDmn). 26
Table: Life Segment By Lines, H109 (VNDmn). 27
Table: Leading Non-Life Companies By Gross Written Premiums, H109 (VNDmn). 27
Table: Leading Life Companies By Gross Written Premiums, H109 (VNDmn). 27
Analysis Of Regional Competitive Conditions.28
Local Company Profiles .33
Bao Minh. 33
Bao Viet. 34
PJICO . 35
Regional Company Profiles .36
AEGON . 36
AIG. 37
Allianz. 42
Aviva . 45
Vietnam Insurance Report Q1 2010
AXA . 47
Cardif. 49
Fortis. 52
Generali . 54
Groupama . 56
HDI-Gerling. 58
HSBC Insurance . 61
ING Group. 64
Liberty Mutual. 65
Manulife . 67
MetLife. 69
Prudential Financial. 72
Prudential Plc. 75
QBE. 78
RSA . 80
Sun Life Financial. 81
The Principal. 83
Zurich Financial Services . 84
Country Snapshot: Vietnam Demographic Data.86
Section 1: Population . 86
Table: Demographic Indicators, 2005-2030. 86
Table: Rural/Urban Breakdown, 2005-2030 . 87
Section 2: Education And Healthcare . 87
Table: Education, 2002-2005. 87
Table: Vital Statistics, 2005-2030. 87
Section 3: Labour Market And Spending Power. 88
Table: Employment Indicators, 1999-2004. 88
Table: Consumer Expenditure, 2000-2012 (US$) . 88
Methodology .89
Insurance Business Environment Ratings . 90
Table: Insurance Business Environment Indicators And Rationale. 90
Table: Weighting Of Indicators . 91

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g, Shenzhen and Jiangsu.
‘The China Insurance Regulatory Commission approved our
application to establish a Wholly-Owned Foreign Enterprise... under
the name AIG General Insurance Company China Limited... AIA China
continued to expand on the provincial licences granted in 2006,
opening 29 new sales and services centers in 2007.’
Source: AIG 2007 Annual Report, p3
AIG is the leader in accident and health insurance in the Shanghai
Source: AIG 2007 Annual Report, p.30
ƒ Hong Kong – AIU – American International Underwriters Ltd, Hong
Kong. AIA Hong Kong
In 2007 AIG's Asian business generated premiums of US$14.2bn, total
revenues of US$20.1bn and operating profits of US$3.2bn. Gross
premiums rose by 9%. However, personal accident products and
group products achieved premium growth of 20% and 36%,
respectively. Life premiums rose 6%. In 2007, life premiums were
US$11.6bn, while personal accident and group product premiums
amount to US$1.9bn and US$661mn, respectively.
Source: AIG 2007 Form 10-K, p68
ƒ India – AIU – Tata-AIG General Insurance Co Ltd (joint venture),
Mumbai, etc
Tata-AIG is also active in life.
‘In 2007, [Tata AIG General Insurance] had good premium growth and
loss ratios below the industry average.’
Source: AIG 2007 Annual Report, p30
ƒ Indonesia – AIU – PT Asuransi AIU Indonesia, Jakarta. PT Asuransi
AIA Indonesia, Jakarta
ƒ Japan – AIU – AIU Insurance Company, Japan Branch, American
Home Assurance Company (Japan) and JI Accident & Fire Insurance
Co Ltd, Tokyo. ALICO Japan, AIG Star Life Insurance Co Ltd, Tokyo
and AIG Edison Life Insurance Co, Tokyo
AIG hoped to complete the merger of AIG Star Life and AIG Edison
Life by early 2009.
Vietnam Insurance Report Q1 2010
© Business Monitor International Ltd Page 40
‘Further deregulation of the bank channel and the privatisation of
Japan Post Insurance Co Limited are creating opportunities to sell our
products through vast new distribution systems.’
Source: AIG 2007 Annual Report, p6
By the end of 2007, 203 of the 500 top Japanese companies were AIU
Source: AIG 2007 Annual Report, p.30
‘ALICO's largest country operation is in Japan, where it markets an
array of life, medical and annuity products... ALICO Japan reaffirmed
its position... being the fifth-largest [life company] in total premium and
sixth-largest in total assets. With deregulation in late 2007 permitting
the sale of all life and medical insurance products through
bancassurance, Japan's four largest banking groups selected ALICO
Japan's products for sale to their customers.’
Source: AIG 2007 Annual Report, p33
‘Japan and other’ life operations generated gross premiums of
US$12.4bn, total revenues of US$18.2bn and operating income of
US$3.0bn in 2007. Life insurance, personal accident and group
products generated premiums of US$5.0bn, US$4.2bn and US$2.3bn,
Source: AIG 2007 Form 10-K p66
ƒ Macau – AIU – American Home Assurance Company, Macau
ƒ Malaysia – AIU – American Home Assurance Company, Kuala
Lumpur. AIA – American International Assurance Company Ltd
(Malaysia), Kuala Lumpur
ƒ Nepal – ALICO MEASA, Kathmandu
ƒ New Zealand – AIU – American Home Assurance Company, Auckland
and Wellington. AIA – American International Assurance Company
(Bermuda) Ltd, trading as AIG Life, Auckland and Wellington
ƒ Pakistan – AIU – New Hampshire Insurance Company, Karachi.
ƒ Papua New Guinea – AIU – American Home Assurance Company,
Port Moresby
ƒ Philippines – AIU – Philam Insurance Company Inc, Manila. The
Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company (Philamlife),
Philamlife has 7,000 agents and achieved ‘excellent’ new business
growth in 2007.
Source: AIG 2007 Annual Report, p34
ƒ Singapore – AIU – Singapore American Home, Singapore. AIA –
American International Assurance Company Ltd, Singapore
ƒ South Korea – AIU – American Home Assurance Company, Seoul,
etc. AIG Life, Seoul
For the fourth year in a row, AIG Life Korea has been the leader in
sales of Fixed Annuities through banks.
Source: AIG 2007 Annual Report, p32
ƒ Sri Lanka – AIU – Hayleys AIG Insurance Company Ltd, Colombo
ƒ Taiwan – AIU – AIG General Insurance (Taiwan) Company Ltd, Taipei.
Nan Shan Life Insurance Company Ltd, Taipei
‘Nan Shan is the second largest insurer in terms of total premium’ [in
Source: AIG 2007 Annual Report, p25
‘In 2007, Nan Shan became the first insurance company to receive
permission from the Taiwan FSC to enter the wealth management
Vietnam Insurance Report Q1 2010
© Business Monitor International Ltd Page 41
business.’ Nan Shan also formed a partnership with SinPac Holdings
to focus on retirement savings and asset management.
Source: AIG 2007 Annual Report, p34
ƒ Thailand – AIU – New Hampshire Insurance Company and Universal
Insurance Company Ltd, Bangkok. AIA – American International
Assurance Company Ltd, Bangkok
AIA Thailand has the largest network of agents (76,000).
Source: AIG 2007 Annual Report, p32
ƒ Vietnam – AIU – American International Group Inc, Representative
Office, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. AIA – American International
Assurance (Vietnam) Ltd, Ho Chi Minh City.
AIG has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Bank of
Investment and Development of Vietnam. This will allow AIG to
expand into non-life insurance, consumer finance and other areas.
Source: AIG Annual Report, 2007, p3
Vietnam Insurance Report Q1 2010
© Business Monitor International Ltd Page 42
Company Analysis Company Details
Allianz Group also includes AGF and Euler Hermes. In some countries, Allianz's
Global Corporate and Specialty business operates under another subsidiary.
Where this is the case, that subsidiary is identified. Allianz is ‘an international
financial services provider [offering] insurance, banking and asset management
products and services to more than 80mn customers in over 70 countries’.
Allianz Autowelt GmbH, Munich; Allianz Deutschland AG, Munich; Allianz
Lebensversicherungs-AG, Stuttgart; etc.
Source: www.allianz.com/en/allianz_group/about_us/lines_of_business.
Corporate Highlights
H107 premiums from Asia Pacific and Central and Eastern Europe rose 17% y-o-y
to EUR6.3bn. Asia Pacific premiums were EUR4.1bn. In Central and Eastern
Europe, life/health premiums rose 33% to EUR607mn. Poland and Slovakia
accounted for EUR314mn and EUR126mn, respectively. Profit rose 21% to
EUR34mn. Non-life premiums in Central and Eastern Europe rose 21% to
EUR1.6bn. Poland and Romania accounted for EUR181mn and EUR173mn.
Operating profit was EUR146mn.
‘While initial estimates from the GDV... insurance industry association indicate that
the total German insurance market grew by 0.2% in 2007, premium income at
Allianz Deutschland AG and its subsidiaries grew 1.6% to reach EUR26.1bn. The
major growth driver was life insurance, especially the tax-advantaged
RiesterRente and BasisRente retirement products, as well as the one-time
premium business in financing retirement systems.’
Non-life premiums fell 1.2% to EUR9.4bn. ‘Most of the decrease came from
developments in car insurance. Though prices were kept stable, many customers
with especially safe driving records moved to a lower cost claims-free category. …
The increase in new business boosted premium income in life insurance 3.9% to
EUR13.5bn. Periodic premiums, which account for more than two-thirds of
premium income, increased 0.7% to EUR9.4bn. … One-time premiums rose by
12% to EUR4.1bn. Private health premiums rose by 1% to EUR3.1bn. Costs were
down relative to the preceding year… Allianz SE expects operating profit of a solid
EUR1.8bn despite a difficult market environment.’ This compares with EUR2.7bn
of operating profits in Q107.
‘Allianz Group expects markdowns of almost EUR0.9bn for Q108, which will have
to be accrued in the area of structured financial products of Dresdner Bank due to
the ongoing financial market crisis.’
Source: www.allianz.com/en/allianz_group/press_center/news/financial_news,
May 5 2008
ƒ Parent company: Allianz
ƒ Home country: Germany
ƒ Germany
ƒ Status: listed public
company, based in
Germany but structured
as a Societas Europaea
ƒ Main source for press
ƒ Contact position: Head of
Group Communications
ƒ Contact phone: +49 89
3800 2114
ƒ Contact email:
[email protected]
Regional Operations
ƒ Australia – Allianz Austra...
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