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By kevin_khoa_nguyen
#644447 Download Đề thi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 THPT chuyên môn Tiếng Anh miễn phí

You can rob a bank without leaving your house these days. Who needs stocking (121)______, guns and getaway cars? If you’re a computer whiz-kid, you could grab your first million (122)_______ with nothing more dangerous than a personal computer, a telephone and a modern to (123)_______them.
All you have to do is to dial into the networks which like the computers in large organizations together, type in a couple of passwords and you can rummage (124)_______in the information that’s stored there (125)_______your heart’s content. Fortunately it isn’t always quite as easy as it appears. But, as more and more information is (126)_______and stored on computer, whether it is details of your bank account or the number of tins of baked beans in the stockroom at the supermarket, a computer crime seems set to grow.
A couple of months ago a newspaper reported that five British banks were being (127)_______to ransom by a gang of hackers who had managed to (128)_______their computer. The hackers were demanding money (129) _____revealing exactly how they did it. In case like this, banks may consider paying just so that they can protect themselves better in the future.

A. than sound is B. as does sound C. than sound D. as sound is
13. Herbs ______________ in soups and sauces.
A. are used to be B. are often used C. often use D. get used to being
14. Studies indicate ______________ collecting art today than ever before.
A. there more people B. more people that are C. that there are more people D. people there are more
15. Susan couldn’t Giúp ______________ when I told her the joke.
A. laughing B. laugh C. to laugh D. laughed
16. Your hair needs ______________. You’d better have it done tomorrow.
A. cut B. to cut C. being cut D. cutting
17. Regina, ______________ you have never met before, is a genius in painting.
A. that B. whose C. whom D. whomever
18. Doctors advise ______________ too many hours watching television.
A. not to spend B. not being spent C. not spend D. not spending
19. Quite ______________ people have complained about his behavior. ______________ people have voiced their support for him.
A. a few / Many B. very few / Some C. a lot / Few D. a few / Very few
20. ______________ finds the treasure is entitled to twenty five percent of it.
A. Who B. The person who C. Whoever D. Man who
21. As soon as you hear the alarm, you all have to leave the building ______________.
A. on the verge B. under law C. at no time D. without delay
22. ______________ have tried their best to protect the environment, but their efforts seem to be nothing compared to what people are doing to harm it.
A. Poachers B. Industrialists C. Conservationists D. Producers
23. The passage ______________ that the first settlers were Spanish.
A. refers B. instills C. implies D. infers
24. There are not many interesting ______________ of news in the ‘Evening’.
A. parts B. articles C. loads D. items
25. On November 5, a lot of firework is ______________ off in England.
A. set B. gone C. sent D. burned
26. Can you give me the ______________ for tomato soup?
A. formula B. recipe C. order D. method
27. Jane likes watching films, but she is not ______________ keen on any kind.
A. specially B. certainly C. largely D. particularly
28. In a report submitted to the government yesterday, scientists ______________ that the building of the bridge be stopped.
A. banned B. complained C. said D. recommend
29. Police believe that there is a ______________ between the 2 crimes.
A. chain B. link C. connector D. mixture
30. If you come to the theatre late, you have to wait until the ______________ to get in.
A. break B. interval C. refreshment D. half-time
31. From now on, you have to ______________ responsibility for the sales figures.
A. get B. acquire C. assume D. accept
32. Children have to ______________ respect to their parents and teachers.
A. show B. take C. feel D. express
33. ______________, the reports are not good enough to be printed.
A. On my own B. Out of the ordinary C. If you ask me D. Telling the truth
34. During the war, we ______________ many relatives.
A. lost touch with B. take for granted C. made a mention of D. set an example for
35. You should pay ______________ to what the instructor is saying.
A. attendance B. intention C. convention D. attention
36. The jokes Jack tell are as old as ______________.
A. the earth B. the mountains C. the hills D. the oceans
37. The articles I have cut out from newspapers for years are now ______________ with age.
A. old B. yellowed C. blackened D. torn
38. You can contact us if anything ______________ with our plan.
A. goes wrong B. comes bad C. is out of luck D. loses control
39. It is ______________ knowledge that you have to drink more fluids when you have flu.
A. common B. popular C. widespread D. updated
40. As soon as Kate failed to do the job the third time, she got the ______________.
A. promotion B. recommendation C. rearrangement D. sack
41. Can I ask a favor ______________ you, Mark? Could you please move this sofa backwards?
A. for B. of C. with D. to
42. I read the contract again and again ______________ avoiding making spelling mistakes.
A. with a view to B. In view of C. by means of D. in terms of
43. This kind of product has to be used ______________ 3 days ______________ purchase.
A. by / of B. within / of C. on / on D. on /after
44. Too many tests and exams have put high school students ______________ pressure.
A. in B. on C. under D. into
45. The president refused to make any judgement ______________ the situation.
A. on B. with C. for D. of
46. ______________ your effort and talent, we wonder if you can work full time for us.
A. Regarding B. In regard of C. With respect to D. On behalf of
47. Let’s move ______________ to the next item on the agenda.
A. in B. by C. up D. on
48. I am fed ______________ hanging around here with nothing to do.
A. up on B. out of C. up with D. by
49. I do not know my uncle is ______________ doubt ______________ everything he sees.
A. with / about B. in / of C. of / for D. in / with
50. ______________ Xmas, more shopping is done.
A. On B. For C. At D. In
51. On farms, when the cattle are too ill, farmers often have to put them ______________.
A. in B. down C. up D. away
52. ______________ my shyness, they refused to give me the job as a receptionist.
A. Despite B. As for C. Due to D. Instead of
53. The professor broke ______________ her lecture when she heard a cell phone ringing.
A. away B. in C. off D. out
54. I could not ______________ the peak of the mountain in the foggy weather.
A. get over B. make out C. see through D. go into
55. We all need friends whom we can ______________ when we are in trouble.
A. call on B. break off C. live on D. go by
56. Constantly staying in cold weather may bring ______________ pneumonia.
A. in B. about C. up D. on
57. Don’t let poachers get ______________ hunting animals. They deserve to be punished.
A. off B. out of C. on D. away
58. I was named ______________ a wealthy relative of my Mom’s.
A. after B. to C. as D. in on
59. I cannot stay up late at night; I prefer ______________ in early.
A. going B. breaking C. turning D. doing
60. My little son is learning how to ______________ his shoes.
A. put off B. get on C. take to D. do up
61. Graham Bell was (A) once a teacher who (B) ran (C) a school for (D) the deaf in Massachusetts.
62. Telephoto, (A) a process for sending pictures (B) by wire, (C) has been invented during the 1920s, and the first transcontinental telephoto was sent in 1925.
63. The (A) immune system is the (B) bodies way of protecting (C) itself (D) against viruses.
64. (A) What I told her a few days ago (B) were not the solutions (C) to (D) most of her problems.
65. However (A) cheap it is, the (B) poor quality products cannot always (C) appeal to (D) customers.
66. If you do not (A) keep my secret, I (B) will reveal (C) surely (D) yours.
67. Jim’s grandfather left (A) him 50,000 (B) dollars, (C) this was (D) too big a sum to him.
68. So far Linda (A) has been writing 5 novels (B) on the problems (C) teenagers have to (D) cope with in the new world.
69. The choice (A) of which restaurant to go (B) to for (C) tonight’s meal is entirely (D) your.
70. You (A) mustn’t have seen my sister, (B) for I have no sister (C) living on (D) the other end of this city
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others:
71. A. chapter B. yatch C. manage D. panel
72. A. example B. feed C. ink D. inhumane
73. A. junior B. humour C. stew D. purify
74. A. hall B. doll C. chalk D. forecast
75. A. recite B. reconcile C. refund D. reproduce
Choose the word whose stress pattern is pronounced different from that of the others:
76. A. relax B. recognize C. realize D. relatively
77. A. permanent B. power C. permission D. carpet
78. A. photography B. minority C. heroic D. amateur
79. A. practicality B. politician C. uncontrollable D. comfortable
80. A. managerial B. determination C. unbelievable D. inability
Supply the appropriate form of the words in the brackets:
81. At the end of the concert, the aud...

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