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By pedolly_mouseloverice
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1. The police stated that the accident ______________ soon.
A. will be investigated
B. had investigated
C. is being investigated
D. would be investigated
2. There are chances that Manchester United ______________ the last match against Juventus.
A. won
B. will windows
C. has won
D. would win
3. ______________ to the national park before, Sue was amazed to see the geyser.
A. Being not
B. Not having been
C. Have not bee
D. Having not been
4. Hardly ______________ the captain of the team when he had to face the problems.
A. had he been appointed
B. did he appoint
C. was he being appointed
D. was he appointing
5. It is six years ______________ we moved to Chicago.
A. when
B. that
C. since
D. after
6. I think he will join us, ______________?
A. doesn’t he
B. won’t he
C. will he
D. do I
7. I am sorry. I have forgotten ______________ a table at the restaurant for you.
A. reserving
B. to reserve
C. having reserved
D. to be reserved
8. ______________ our children may be, we cannot go picnicking in this weather.
A. Though excited
B. Excited as
C. Because of excitement
D. Exciting
9. I am leaving the key under the pot in the garden ______________ you should be home earlier than usual.
A. because
B. in case
C. so that
D. though
10. Be patient ______________ you won’t succeed.
A. because
B. or
C. unless
D. otherwise
11. Sweating increases ______________ vigorous exercise or hot weather.
A. during
B. when
C. at the time
D. for
12. Goddard developed the first rocket to fly faster ______________.
A. than sound is
B. as does sound
C. than sound
D. as sound is
13. Herbs ______________ in soups and sauces.
A. are used to be
B. are often used
C. often use
D. get used to being
14. Studies indicate ______________ collecting art today than ever before.
A. there more people
B. more people that are
C. that there are more people
D. people there are more
15. Susan couldn’t Giúp ______________ when I told her the joke.
A. laughing
B. laugh
C. to laugh
D. laughed
16. Your hair needs ______________. You’d better have it done tomorrow.
A. cut
B. to cut
C. being cut
D. cutting
17. Regina, ______________ you have never met before, is a genius in painting.
A. that
B. whose
C. whom
D. whomever
18. Doctors advise ______________ too many hours watching television.
A. not to spend
B. not being spent
C. not spend
D. not spending
19. Quite ______________ people have complained about his behavior. ______________ people have voiced their support for him.
A. a few / Many
B. very few / Some
C. a lot / Few
D. a few / Very few
20. ______________ finds the treasure is entitled to twenty five percent of it.
A. Who
B. The person who
C. Whoever
D. Man who
21. As soon as you hear the alarm, you all have to leave the building ______________.
A. on the verge
B. under law
C. at no time
D. without delay
22. ______________ have tried their best to protect the environment, but their efforts seem to be nothing compared to what people are doing to harm it.
A. Poachers
B. Industrialists
C. Conservationists
D. Producers
23. The passage ______________ that the first settlers were Spanish.
A. refers
B. instills
C. implies
D. infers
24. There are not many interesting ______________ of news in the ‘Evening’.
A. parts
B. articles
C. loads
D. items
25. On November 5, a lot of firework is ______________ off in England.
A. set
B. gone
C. sent
D. burned
26. Can you give me the ______________ for tomato soup?
A. formula
B. recipe
C. order
D. method
27. Jane likes watching films, but she is not ______________ keen on any kind.
A. specially
B. certainly
C. largely
D. particularly
28. In a report submitted to the government yesterday, scientists ______________ that the building of the bridge be stopped.
A. banned
B. complained
C. said
D. recommend
29. Police believe that there is a ______________ between the 2 crimes.
A. chain
B. link
C. connector
D. mixture
30. If you come to the theatre late, you have to wait until the ______________ to get in.
A. break
B. interval
C. refreshment
D. half-time
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