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By dhuong21

Download Ôn thi học sinh giỏi Tiếng Anh Lớp 8 miễn phí

Change into "Reported speech"
1. Mr. Brown told Ann, 'Please give me some food!'
Mr. brown asked
2. I said to her, 'Don't make noise in class!'
I told
3. Peter said 'Can you Giúp me, Juan?"
Peter asked Juan
4. She told him "Don't swim the in sea!"
5. The tiger said to the farmer "Show me your wisdom!"
The tiger asked
6. They said to me "Don't drive too fast, please"
They told
7. He told me "Can you lend me your dictionary"
He asked
8. The man said "Please tell me the way to the post office"
The man told me
9. The teacher told us "Don't put your legs on the table"
The teacher ordered
10. "Could you open the door, Linh!"
He asked Linh
11. John said to me, 'Please wait for me outside my office'
John asked
12. 'You should spend time on learning, Tom', said I.
I told
I advise
13. Fred said "Can you Giúp me with my pronunciation?"
Fred asked
14. I wanted him to put his shoes on the rack.
I said to him "Please "
15. Dad advised me to get up early.
Dad said to me " "
Dad told me "Please "

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Tóm tắt nội dung:

ộng đồng
chemical (n) hóa chất
locked (a) khóa, đóng lại
soft drink (n) nước ngọt
dangerous (a) nguy hiểm
matches (n) diêm quẹt
destroy (v) phá hủy
injure (v) làm bị thương
electrical socket (n) ổ cắm điện
electricity (n) điện
scissors (pl n) cây kéo
bead (n) hạt chuỗi
suitable (a) phù hợp, hợp với
household (a, n) gia đình
folder (n) bìa, cặp hồ sơ
above (adv, prep) phía trên
wardrobe (n) tủ áo
next to (prep) kế bên
oven (n) lò nướng
towel (n) khăn lau
rack (n) kệ, giá
counter (n) quầy
beneath (prep) phía dưới
jar (n) hũ lọ
flour (n) bột mì
lighting fixture (n) đèn chùm
feed / fed / fed (n) nuôi, cho ăn
tidy (v, a) sắp xếp ngăn nắ
sweep / swept / swept (v) quét
dust (v, n) phủi bụi, bụi
fish tank (n) hồ cá
ache (v, n) đau nhức
repairman (n) thợ sửa
Family words
bị thương
cook cooker
nấu ăn
an toàn
chemistry chemicals
hóa học
nguy hiểm
phù hợp
electricity electrician
electronic electrical
B. Grammar point:
Reflexive Pronouns
I → myself
she → herself
he → himself
it → itself
we → ourselves
they → themselves
you → yourself / yourselves
ought to V = should V have to V = must V Negative: ought not to V = shouldn't V don't / doesn't have to = mustn't V
Why...? Because...
C. Exercises
I. Put the correct reflexive pronoun
My younger brother can wash __________ every day.
Our sister looked at __________ in the mirror.
Our friends teach __________ to play the piano
The Earth turns ________ around the Sun
Can you take care of ________, Nam?
Did your parents live in that house by __________?
Lan and I __________ are newcomers.
Those children do the exercise __________.
The man __________ asked me to do this again.
Mary __________ saw me at the party.
II. Supply the correct form of verb of tense
He ought (obey) his parents →
Where you (go) yesterday? →
We mustn't (step) on grass. →
Tom is interested in (play) games. →
The boy usually (go) to the club. →
Next week, I (have) a party. I have to prepare many things. →
At this moment, my parent (work) in the office. →
They have (go) to bed early. →
The teacher lets us (work) in group. →
When I opened the door, I (find) this pile. →
Teaching day:
period 7 GENERAL TEST 3
I. Multiple choices:
They put the __________ on the floor (picture / cushion / rug / shelf)
On the right __________ of the room, there is a window (side / vase / opposite / corner)
Children don't understand many _________ objects are dangerous (house / household / home / work)
The woman washed dishes by __________ (her / hers / she / herself)
You __________ to study harder next year (must / should / can / ought)
Don't let your child __________ with matches (play / playing / to play / played)
Tomorrow, we __________ a math test (has / have / are having / are going to have)
My Mom __________ the floors in the morning. (sweeps / feeds / destroys / injures)
The table is __________ the chair and shelf (on / beside / next / between)
Why don't you join the game? – _________ I have things to do. ( Because / So / That / Though)
We shouldn't put something into _________ sockets. (electricity / electronics / electrical / electrician)
You __________drive a car without a license.(must / mustn't / haven't to / ought to)
II. Gap-filling
Kitchen is a dangerous (1)__________. We mustn't let them play in the kitchen or (2)__________matches. Because fire can destroy home and (3)__________children. We must put all chemicals and (4)__________ in locked cupboard because they (5)__________ like soft drinks or (6)__________. Moreover, we must cover electrical sockets so that children don't (7)_________ to put anything into them. Electricity can (8)__________ them.
kill – with – drugs – place – try – candy – injures - lock
III. Family word
It's __________ to travel by bike (safety)
Do you see the rice _________ over there? (cook)
Peter is telling a __________ woman on the street (injure)
My son learnt __________ last year (good)
Most of us left the crowd early. It was too _________ (danger)
IV. Transformation
She mustn't break the traffic law She doesn't
Tom works hard Tom is a
The boy is so intelligent that he can do this test. ___________________________enough
My friend loves to read books. ___________________________enjoys
Her son usually got up late. Her son is used
V. Error identification
There are many books, but you ought buy some from the bookshop. A B C D
Let's puts the table between the chair and the shelf. A B C D
You must keep these chemicals out from children's reach. A B C D
Girls are looking at theirself in the mirror A B C D
It's danger to put knives within children's reach. A B C D
VI. Pronunciation
tank - can - have - start
above - no - go - cold
floor - door - more - too
seeds - necks - plays - boards
needed - wanted - played - collected
EXERCISE : Guided sentence buiding
There / be / rooms/ in / family/ .// I like/ the ..room /best/ because it/ be /nice /.//On /right / the room / be / table/ and /the left / window/.// Corner / there / bed/ next / door/ . Above / it / be / light and …..//. When i/ freetime /, I often / sit / bed or table//. I feel/…
Teaching day:
period 8
Unit 4: Our past
A. Vocabulary
New words & Expressions:
great-grandma (n) bà cố
modern (a) hiện đại
light / lit / lit (v) thắp sáng
folktale (n) truyện dân gian
traditional (a) truyền thống
way (n) cách thức
used to (n) thường (thói quen trong quá khứ)
lay / laid / laid (v) đẻ (trứng), nằm
collect (v) thu góp
gold (n) vàng
excitedly (adv) một cách kích động
amazement (n) sự ngạc nhiên
cut open (v) mổ, cắt ra
unfortunately (adv) một cách không may
dead (a) chết
foolish (a) ngu xuẩn, ngốc nghếch
greedy (a) tham lam
once (adv) xưa kia, ngày xưa
marry (v) kết hôn
cruel (a) tàn nhẫn, độc ác
chore (n) việc vặt trong nhà
upset (a) buồn bã
broken heart (n) đau lòng
harvest (v) vụ thu hoạch
prince (n) hoàng tử
choose / chose / chosen (v) chọn, lựa
fairy (n) nàng (bà) tiên
magically (adv) một cách kì diệu
rags (n) bộ quần áo tả tơi
lose / lost / lost (v) mất, lạc, thua
own (v) sở hữu
fall in love phải lòng, yêu
burn / burnt / burnt (v) thiêu, đốt
escape (v) thoát, chạy thoát
tie (v) cột, buộc
graze (v) ăn (cỏ)
stripe (n) sọc, vằn
nearby (a, adv) lân cận, kế bên
servant (n) người giúp việc
master (n) ông chủ
wisdom (n) sự khôn ngoan
rope (n) dây thừng
straw (n) rơm
subject (n) môn học
arrive (v) tới, đến
Family words
xuất hiện
trang bị
excited exciting
excitedly excitingly
kích động
ma thuật
truyền thống
khôn ngoan
servant service
phục vụ
fortunate unfortunate
may mắn
ngay lập tức
B. Grammar point:
used to V
be (get) used to Ving
C. Exercises
I. Put the correct reflexive pronoun
She usually got up late when she was young. She used
Tom always waited for me last year. Tom used
My Dad used to smoke when he worked in that company My Dad usually
Children often made noise but they don't any more. Children used
Pupils used to talk in class two weeks ago. Pupils always
I didn't work hard in high school. I _______ use
When she lived in the city, she usually went home early. She used
Did he use to clean the floor last year? __________ often
Our brother frequently swept the floor but now he doesn't Our brother used
Boys always made girls angry when they were in groups. Boys used
II. Supply the correct form of verb of tense
She used (make) me annoyed →
I'm use to (have) tea. →
What did you (do) last week. →
Let me (have) a look. I want (check) again. →
It's good (have) a party. →
He asked me (not stay) up late. →
Children are used to (drive) cars to right. →
Pupils are keen on (play) games. →
What did you use (do) when you were young? →
Would you like (drink) something? – Yes, please. →
III Fill in the gap with the suitable Preposition of time :
1. Tom will be here _____Monday
2 . We come to visit you ______9Phần mềm
3. The boy play games _______6am and 8am
4. What do you often do ______the morning ?
5. Most of ...
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