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By daigai
#1009973 Link tải luận văn miễn phí cho ae Kết nối
I would like to express our most sincere thanks to the Management Board of the
Southern Luzon State University, Thai Nguyen University,, the teacher of the school
has helped me facilitate the learning process throughout.
I would like to express sincere gratitude and profound Professor. Dr Milo
Placino enthusiastic teacher who have dedicated guidance, encouragement, spend time
and exchange orientation for me during this research.
I would like to express my sincere thanks to the telecomunication enterprises
VNPT,Viettel,SPT,VTC in Ha noi and Ho chi minh has helped me research material,
through a questionnaire survey.
I sincerely thank Ministry of information and communications, Information and
communication public manager school, colleagues and classmates DBA1 facilitated
enthusiastic Giúp and share my experience to Giúp complete the thesis.
Finally, I would like to send the gift to the heart of my family has passed
enthusiasm and encouragement to complete my thesis.
In the past years achievements of the ICT sector has made a significant, bringing
great benefit to society. The number of telecom business increased, the dynamics of the
telecom business increased, telecommunications cost reduction, quality
telecommunications services are gradually improving. However, with the development -
many problems arising in this industry:The dispute service; The exclusive license; The
human problem; The issue of restructuring of state-owned corporations; The issue of
managing telecommunication infrastructure; Management services, management
These issues are directly related to government policy and regulations, development
policies in recent years, as well as issues of economic, social, technological ...
The assessment of the macroeconomical impact of government policy through the
evaluation of the implementation of government policy in the competitive
telecommunications business model with PEST is an essential need and then finding
make recommendations for policy changes.
To implement this study, the author answered: To evaluate the competitiveness of
the telecommunications company in Vietnamn; To determine the impact of the policies
of the state on the development and competitiveness of telecommunications industry in
Vietnam; To draft policies that will further improve the competitiveness of the
telecommunication industry in Vietnam.
Scope and limitation of the study: Some state macroeconomic policies, especially
the operation of information and communications; The level of implementation of
government policies for the development of competitive telecommunications
corporations Vietnam: Group of Vietnam Post and Telecommunications (VNPT);
Viettel Corporation (Viettel); Vietnam Multimedia Corporation (VTC); Sai Gon Poster
Corporation (SPT)
Results of this study will showed that the level of implementation of government
policies for the development of competitive telecommunications businesses in Vietnam.
This study will clarify somewhat the impact of the policy as well as the macro factors
affecting the development of competitive telecommunications businesses, so we can
choose the more appropriate solution.
The study will Giúp policy makers to have a clearer view of the
telecommunications activities, the macroeconomic factors as well as the impact of these
factors to the competition in the telecommunications business. Since then there is a
reasonable adjustment, the right time ... to ensure harmony between the interests of the
state, business and civil society in terms of development technology and ICT services,
international economic integration.

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