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By dried_tear
#1002035 Link tải miễn phí Luận văn:A study on social network sites marketing the case of = Một nghiên cứu về marketing trên mạng xã hội trường hợp Luận văn ThS. Kinh doanh và quản lý: 60 34 05
Nhà xuất bản:HSB

1. Research background
Nowadays, Social Network Site (SNS) has become a phenomenon. In
recent years, millions of SNS have appeared and the growth of SNS seems not
to slow down. Many users (Microsoft Corp, Disney Corp…) have used SNS
for their marketing activities and many of them have obtained successes.
Microsoft, Disney1 are typical examples. Besides, thousands of small and
medium companies also succeeded in using SNS marketing2
In Vietnam, this trend has just been raised for 5 years3. However, the
effectiveness of using SNS as a social marketing tool for users/subscribers is
still an issue. VTC Online is one of the leading companies who first develop
SNS– – and to do business with the site. Though making some
achievements, VTC is still finding ways to effectively promote their SNS and from that to gain more benefits from the site. That are
reasons I choose to study SNS marketing with the case of
2. Research objectives
The main objective of this thesis is to study SNS marketing – focusing
on the case of By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the
site by comparing with other SNS, the author proposes some solutions to
improve the SNS and from that to explore effective ways to
create more value for both subscribers/users and VTC Corporation (the owner
of the SNS
3. Research questions
Based upon the research objective, the main question for this study is
―How can VTC Corporation improve the SNS to add more value
for both subscribers/users and itself?‖ In order to answer this question, the
research needs to answer the following subquestions:
What is the SNS and how to benefit from the SNS?
What are strengths and weaknesses of the SNS in terms of
creating value to both subscribers/users and the site owner VTC
How can VTC corporation can improve the SNS to add
more value for both subscribers/users and itself?
4. Scope of work
The thesis studies the theoretical foundation for SNS arisen by Internet
companies since 2005 when SNS became a worldwide phenomenon. For the
case, the author focuses the study on the period from April
2010, the time when the was launched, to present (October
The term ―value‖ in this study applies for both subscribers/users of the
SNS and the owner of the SNS. For subscribers/users, value means the
contents, fuctions and tools that the SNS offers for subscribers/users to benefit
from. For the SNS owner, it is the ways that the SNS charges its stakeholders
for an amount of money for using the SNS.
5. Data Source
For the theoretical part, data sources are textbooks, articles from Internet.
As for the case study, data is obtained from discussing with’s
staffs and managers team and internal data, which are being tracked by
Google Analytics.
6. Methodology
The thesis use the empirical method, compare with other sites in the
study process and discuss with social network experts.
7. Significance
The thesis may contribute a part to the development of Internet industry
in Vietnam, which has been emerging recently. As Internet is forecasted to
booming in Vietnam in next few years, companies or individuals can benefit
the result of this study for business.
8. Results
First, the thesis delivers a systematic review of SNS marketing.
Secondly, the thesis studies the case of Portal and proposes
solutions to improve it.
9. Thesis structure
Apart from introduction, conclusion and reference parts, this thesis
includes three chapters. Chapter 1 reviews SNS and the use SNS as a
marketing tool and, thereafter, discusses the way to get benefit from SNS.

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