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By Anselmo
#921507 Download miễn phí Đề tài Relative clauses in English and Vietnamese, and how to translate them into Vietnamese

Accurate and successful translation plays a crucial role in effective communication through words between people – an activity only exists in human being. Along with the interpretation, translation bridges the gaps between people who live in different nations. In other words, translation helps remove the language barrier and make people closer to each other.

Translation is used for report papers, articles, correspondences, text books to convey information, advice of recommendation for every branch of knowledge. It is very necessary for mankind. It helps people know the great knowledge of human beings. That is the history of the world, the cultures from different countries in the world.

Relative clauses in English and Vietnamese, and
how to translate them into Vietnamese

Learning foreign language is a great significance today. It is the bridge connecting countries in many fields. The mastery of foreign language enables us to communicate with people from other countries, achieve mutual understandings, and further our trade contacts, economic co- operations, and cultural and academic exchanges with other countries.
I am interested in learning English so much. English, as mentioned over and over again, is an international language. In Viet Nam, English, now, is the compulsory subject for pupils in most of primary and secondary school. It is also an important subject for students at all universities. Particularly English is one of the essential requirements for those who want to find a good job.
However it is not simple. We have to pay attention not only to grammar, structure, vocabulary, and pronunciation but also the culture of the new language. It is easy to make mistakes and often find a lot of difficulties in translation and when dealing with grammar, especially relative clause. You will see that, knowing relative clause in English is a matter, understanding and accurately translating them from English into Vietnamese is another one which is not as easy as some people might think. In order to Giúp people who are learning English have deep understanding of relative clauses in English as well as in Vietnamese, I decide to choose the subject “ Relative clauses in English and Vietnamese, and how to translate them into Vietnamese” for my graduation paper.

Due to the limitation of time and space, in this paper I just focus on main points of relative clauses and some methods for the translation of relative clauses from English into Vietnamese in the hope of helping learners of English have better insight in this part and use it effectively.
I have been learning English for a long time; however, I sometimes make confusion of using and translating relative clauses in sentence. Like me, many students also do the same. For the above reason, my study deals with “ Relative clause in English and Vietnamese, and how to translate them into Vietnamese”
The study is concerned with:
- The definition and classification of relative clause
- The theories that are relevant with relative clause
- The definition of translation and its role
- Common problem in translating relative clause, causes and solutions
- Translating relative clauses into Vietnamese in “ Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”
To complete this paper I have conducted the following methods:
+ Collecting information from many materials in English and Vietnamese
+ Classifying and analyzing basic data relating to the study
+ Discussing with supervisor and other teachers
This graduation paper is divided into …chapters:
Chapter I:
Chapter II:
Reference is come to the end.


1.1. An overview of relative clause
1.1.1: Definition of relative clause
A relative clause is a subordinate clause which relates or refers to a word in the clause before it. Some grammarians call it adjective clause or attributive clause.So among other kinds of clauses, how can you recognize a relative one?
First, it will contain a subject and verb. Next, it will begin with a relative pronoun (who, whom, whose, that or which) or a relative adverb (when, where or why). Finally, it will function as an adjective, answering the questions: What kinds? How many? Or Which one?
In addition, relative clauses can be added to nouns in just about any part of a sentence--at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of sentences. Let's analyze the location and type of relative clause in each of the following sentences:
1. I bought a book that was highly recommended by my sister.
2. I bought a book that my sister recommended.
3. The book that is required for this workshop comes highly recommended.
4. The book that my sister recommended was quite useful.

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