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By cnjuding
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Preface to the Second Edition
Inorganic pigments have a long history. Their chemistry is manifold and the infor
mation is spread over a vast number of books and articles with varying degrees of
actuality. “Industrial Inorganic Pigments" covers the whole field and is written by
experts in the field for all those dealing with the application of inorganic pigments.
Inorganic pigments significantly change our ambient; they are irreplaceable for
the coloring of construction materials. They show good light and weather resistance
and they withstand the attack of heat and chemicals. Their applications range from
concrete to artist’s colors, from industrial paints to toners in photocopiers, from
coloring foodstuffs to their use as raw materials for catalysts.
on their physical appearance and to a greater extent on the manufacturing process.
processes. The inclusion of extensive descriptions of applications means that this
book is far more than a mere list of pigments and their properties.
Since color is the most important aspect, the book opens with a basic chapter
dealing with color and its measurement, incorporating the latest standards. The
increasingly important environmental and health regulations are described for each
separate class of pigments.
The large number of references (more than 800) will enable the reader to acquire
further knowledge of this extensive field.
Preface to the Second Edition
The fact that after only live years a second edition of this book is necessary demon
strates its success. This second edition is not a mere reprint but we have used the
opportunity to revisw all the chapters and the commercial data. Some attention has
been given to company mergers in the pigment industry, but this is something that
is continually changing. The lists of the standards have been updated as well as the
references. New trends in the field of inorganic pigments are described, e.g. the
growing importance of luster pigments has led to the inclusion of a more detailed
description of them. Sections on pigments whose importance has decreased have
been shortened.
Nearly every chapter has been rewritten. Some authors of the first edition are
now retired; their contributions have been revised by younger colleagues of known
excellence. We express our special thanks to the readers of the first edition who
made contributions or gave us valuable hints for this new edition. Finally we thank
the publisher for patience and support.
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