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By daigai
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1. Motivation for the study
It is popularly admitted that language is an indispensable part of our society‟s
cultural richness in particular and of the world‟s in general. However, in order to
keep ourselves on a par with the global standards in the today‟s world which is
called international community, we need to have the understanding of English - an
international language. English is considered as the most popular language popularly
used to exchange information and ideas among different nations and cultures today.
Thanks to their English translated versions, countries are able to have mutual
understanding and a sense of global citizenship in this multilingual world. It is
considered as an effective means to learn how to appreciate different countries‟
cultures, communities and people. By making comparisons, people are able to gain
insight into their own culture and society as well as mutually exchange countries‟
beauty of cultural values. Moreover, English translation makes people understand
each other more in the process of diplomatic relations and economic cooperation and
other fields in today‟s era when countries tend to integrate for the whole
development. As a result, English translation has gradually become an indispensable
and pressing tool which set the path for the global success of individuals,
organizations, and even businesses in the modern time when society is more
developed and competition is relentless. Therefore, nowadays when Vietnam
becomes one of the members of World Trade Organization, it is necessary for
Vietnamese students of English to have expert translation skill in order to meet the
demand of integration into the world economy and exchange of culture with other
countries. As a result, learning translation skill is undoubtedly an advantage for
Vietnamese students‟ ideal future jobs.
However, in reality, Vietnamese-English translation skill is not easy for
Vietnamese students to master, so learners can not avoid mistakes in their translating
prsctice. Perhaps, because of some influence on the differences about cultures or
their own limited language ability, etc, Vietnamese students of English in general
still have mistakes on grammar, word choices and so on in translating Vietnamese
texts into English. The study Common mistakes in learning translation subject by
the second-year English majors at Dong Thap University (Duong Thi Thuy Hang
and Nguyen Thi Cam Xuyen, 2010, p.32-p.33) found the followings:
Lack of vocabulary causes many problems in translation process, frequently; they
could not choose the right word in the context and tried or code it did not know.
In the final text for BA English 2006 class, in the part of Vietnamese-to-English
translation, there was a phrase: “Đơn xin thị thực”- and the large percentage of
the students could not understand the meaning of the phrase. Therefore, they
translated with a wrong meaning or skipped it. Many students did not know what
“thị thực” means, and they thought that it was a thing related to food, so in many
test papers, it is translated into “food” as in the following: “Đơn xin thị thực”
The answer is “Visa Application Form”. The translated phrases by the students:
 “Declaration going food”
 “Enter-exit food”
 “Form of beg for food”
 “Giving foods form”…
The mistakes in tenses as in:
“Con bé dường như buồn ngủ” (this sentence was extracted from the first
semester final test papers for BA English 2007 class).
The key is “The little girl seems sleepy”. But many students translated into: “The
little girl is seem sleepy”, they were confused with the verb “to be” and the verb
In these situations, foreigners will misunderstand, even be not able to
understand the meaning of the passage when they read.
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