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By tctuvan
#974371 Free download pdf
In this paper, a detailed burst header packet (BHP)
processing model is presented to characterize the BHP processing
time at the switch control unit of optical burst switching ring
network. The distribution function of the total BHP processing
delay, which is used to configure offset time, is derived based on
the proposed model by using central limit, large deviation, and
phase-type distribution theorem-based methods, respectively. A
simulation platform that takes the practical processing delay of
BHP into consideration is developed to evaluate the efficiency
of the proposed model and mechanisms. Different distribution
function-based offset time configuration mechanisms are analyzed
and compared with the fixed offset time configuration mechanism
in terms of burst loss ratio for insufficient offset time and average
offset time deviation. The results show the validity of our model.
Control part, distribution function, offset time,
optical burst switching.
I. I
PTICAL burst switching (OBS) has been proposed as a
promising solution for future optical communication net-
works [1]–[3]. It alleviates the requirement on hardware (such
as high-speed optical switch fabric, etc.) by separating the con-
trol packet and the related data packet both in time domain and
wavelength domain. A burst header packet (BHP) is sent before
burst data packet (BDP) by an offset time. The configuration of
offset time is a key issue in OBS networks. Too long offset time
will result in extra transmission delay, while a shorter offset time
may cause the corresponding BDP to arrive before the node re-
serves an optical path for it and accordingly the BDP has to be
Theoretically, offset time is equal to the sum of the BHP pro-
cessing delay at each intermediate OBS node on the OBS path
and the setting time of optical fabric [1]. Some studies proposed

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