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By ha_anh_p3o
#484609 Like other fields, to learn Information Technology (IT) effectively, English is a tool provided invaluable support. After graduation, with good IT knowledge and proficiency of the English, the candidate will easily conquer the employer. However, not many people actually met the two elements. Pretty much the best students in IT majors but limited English proficiency should have missed many good job opportunities. So to learn English majors have to learn how?

First, students should have basic knowledge of grammar. Many students have basic knowledge gap from high school, students even remote areas, never learning English. Therefore, at the beginning of the IT program, students learn English should accelerate to regain platform; besides equip themselves with knowledge in basic IT concepts such as hardware, software, components computers, new technologies...and from there easily visualize and understand the meaning of words, concepts described in the document to learn English majors.

Read, understand that two English language skills required IT students must meet in order to view documents, books, Internet or documentation. Ideally, English should be at level B. Capital from professional, students should focus on cultivating in the learning process.

Specialized dictionaries to look up IT Pocket vocabulary and notebook to record things to remember are indispensable. Dictionary Wikipedia, Lac Vietnamese software dictionary will be of great Giúp in searching vocabulary, quite detailed interpretation of the concepts in the IT industry.

Pretty much IT major books after translated into Vietnamese no longer be accurate about the content, semantics. Therefore, specialized reading in English will Giúp students better understand the content of the topic should refer to, and can reinforce a lot of new words. In the software field, students can find books to read, through the exchange of expertise and skills of the English at Amazon, Wikibook ... or learn about programming Website W3Schools, VoviSoft. Regarding the network, students should read RFC documents.

Books, magazines bilingual IT professional is useful for learning English as articles often mention practical subjects close in the IT field. The reader will easily understand and remember the right words impressive, new concepts quickly.

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