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2 A device for converting digital data into a sound signal that can be transmitted by a telephone network. (8,7)

4 One kind of printer. (6)

5 and 6 An is a smoothly varying electrical pulse that was the

basis for all telephone communication until recently. (6,6)

6 See 5 across.

7 Someone who is extremely knowledgeable about a particular subject. (6)

8 The lack of an industry for operating systems means that programs have

to be specifically written for each existing system. (8)

9 A million floating point instructions per second. (8)

11 A robot with some physiological structures similar to those of humans. (6)

12 To transmit a virus to a computer. (6)

13 To go into a computer file. (6)

14 Erase or omit. (6)

15 An operation performed by the control unit. (7,8)


1 To jumble up a string of characters so that it can be read only after decoding. (8)

2 This unit forms part of the CPU. (10-5) 3 A device fitted over a computer screen to stop dangerous emissions. (9,6) 10 Another way of saying 'logs off . (5,3)

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